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Chania City Bus

Chania City Bus provides bus services for the city of Chania since 1936. It was created in 1936 by the leaders Tzotzolakis and Rozakis, from which Theodoros Tzotzolakis was the first chairman of Chania City Bus. The first region that was served by the Chania City Bus was the region of Halepa. The finish of the line Chania Halepa was Saint Magdalini in Halepa. Until the decade of 70 the departure point of all lines except Galata and Kalamaki was the Eastern Shed of Chania Market. Today Chania City Bus with 33 buses, executes annually 1.855.866 kilometres, serving apart from the Municipality of Chania the Municipalities of Akrotiriou, Eleftheriou Venizelou, Therisou, Neas Kidonias and Soudas with a population of roughly 68.820 residents. We continuously modernize our fleet and the quality of service, providing bus routes for all the regions of Chania and adjacent Municipalities.

Board Of Directors

Chairman: Hatzidakis Antonis.


  • Nikolidakis Konstantinos
  • Kapcanakis Georgos
  • Athanasakis Ioannis
  • Chalakatevakis Kostas

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